15-Minute Mini Human Design Reading $30

Not sure if you're ready to dive into your full design? A mini reading is perfect for you! We touch on your energy type, your strategy and authority, so you can begin to understand how you work best in this world.

75-Minute Human Design Reading $175

Here we dive deep into your Energy Type, your Strategy and your Authority. We look at the incredible and unique gifts you were given for this lifetime and how to use them to reach your goals or dreams. I’ll be able to show you your purpose in this life and details about the profile that was created for you and how you walk through this world. It’s highly validating and eye-opening and magical!

Personal Profile Portrait $175

This is an original portrait by me celebrating your gifts and reminding you of your incredible power and energy. I absolutely love creating these for you!

“My Human Design Reading with Anita was AMAZING!  I am no stranger to “all the readings”. This modality, however, is such a clear, concise blueprint of my purpose here on Earth. Anita delivers this information with enthusiasm, clarity, compassion and a good time.  I could have gone on for hours.  If you are looking for your path or want to understand yourself better and what makes you thrive, this modality is amazing and Anita is the gal to deliver.  

I will be working with Anita again to go deeper and I also purchased a reading for my daughter.  Powerful stuff!"

-Shannon Bryson
The Wild Soul Tribe
Breathwork/Intuitive Akashic Readings
Kundalini Facilitator
Group Programs & Retreats

“Anita is the absolute best! She explains things so perfectly and makes such a complicated chart so easy to understand. I’m so happy that I got a reading from her and look forward to getting another!”

- Sadie L.