What are your gifts? (You have so many, btw!)

What if I can show you the original owner’s manual for YOU?!

You’d have clarity in your purpose. You’d have understanding for yourself like never before. You’d let go of outdated and old expectations of yourself because that’s NOT what your strengths are in this lifetime. You can let go of that conditioning of what you ‘should be’ and ‘should do’ out of your mind and only focus on the things that help you and the collective thrive.

Having a map to your soul’s purpose is a treasure in itself. It’s knowledge that supports who you actually are and how you operate best in this lifetime.

We all understand that life can bring us storms — some mild, some real hurricanes, am I right? Knowing what makes you tick, and what calms your nervous system through life's challenges is an incredible balm during the tough times too.

I would love to be your interpreter for the treasure map of YOU!


Hiya! It’s Neety and it’s so good to finally meet you!

I’m passionate about excavating your gifts and shining a light on your unique talents, so you can finally see your genius, your creativity, your knack, your know-how, in short to see the fantastic YOU in a clear and innovative way.

And I get creative about explaining the answer.

And when I say “CREATIVE” I mean really creative

It’s kind of my superpower. I LOVE to make portraits of people I read and circle them with the gifts they hold to remind you of your spectacular selves!

Who is Neety, you ask?  I’m a Certified Life Coach, a Human Design Reader (Your Treasure Map Interpreter over here!), and have a Masters in Fine Arts for the crafty exercises we do to get down to that excavating I mentioned. 

I also studied forensic psychology in college for two years, so I understand the shadow side, and learned how to accept mine (well most of it) — so I can love my WHOLE self and I can teach you how to love the whole of you, too.

Where You Are Now

I felt so lost — close to knowing ALL the answers my heart and soul longed for, but I felt I couldn’t get there. I scouted everywhere for solutions for my problems and issues and I would get these ‘ahas’ from outside sources, but not all of it aligned exactly.

Committing to deep-dive inside my own mind was scary because it was filled with landmines and it was confusing and seemed to go on forever.


Like I said before, Human Design is like an owner’s manual on YOU!

A map to your unique gifts, how you roll in life, and your energy in which you move AND what your purpose is for this lifetime. In short, all of YOUR magic revealed a clear and innovative way.


I know you probably feel a little lost... But you also know there’s SOMETHING SPECIAL inside of you waiting to be found.

It’s like knowing there’s a HUGE Treasure Chest filled with all you want and need , but you’re fuzzy on where to start. And/ Or you want a guide to help you get through the harry parts of this journey. It’s a REAL LIFE GOONIES ADVENTURE! You in?

“Anita has to be one of the most amazing and talented artists I have ever had the privilege to work with. She is so inspiring and helps people dig in deep and express themselves through art. I had so much fun learning from her. I hope to work with her again soon. "

- Kathy W.

“From the moment I met Anita I felt a connection. She makes me feel safe and someone I can share and be honest and open with . Anita listens intently and has great compassion and insight in what I am experiencing in my life. She helps me see my challenges in a different light and therefore I am able to approach it in a more self-empowered positive way. I look forward to my sessions with her always!!"

- Sue A.


She gives a great perspective, listens well and is exceptional at her craft. She will incorporate multiple dimensions to help you become happier, less stressed and more organized!"

- Laura W.