About Neety Dee


Anita Driessen is a Certified Life Coach, Artist, Human Design reader, and Akashic Records reader. I love magical technology!

I tie all of these spiritual modalities with soulful and joyful art practices that shine a blazing light on the incredible gifts that you already possess! Because sometimes the brilliance that you have gets buried deep under years of conditioning --
(conditioning is the process of training a person to behave in a certain way or accept certain circumstances), and we all have it.

I’m sort of the Indiana Jones for your own personal treasure within! I’ll guide you through the atlas of your design and uncover your flair, sparkle, know-how that’s been lost over time.

Oh, you’re going to love it because you’re a genius!

Thank you endlessly for visiting my world. I can’t wait to visit yours!


“You are a GIFTED facilitator... thank you for the magical day."

- Sheila I.