Shadow Work

I’ve been thinking about Shadow Work lately. The Shadow is kind of the ‘dark side’ of each of our personalities. Some examples of the Shadow are: Rage (hello, that’s me), greed, selfishness, jealously, and envy to name a few. Shadow work can be layered and complex too-it comes from the traits we or our family or society has deemed unacceptable.It’s parts of ourselves we don’t want to own because they don’t match the picture we have created for ourselves to be the person we want to be. But to deny our Shadow Self is to deny the contrast of ourself that makes us deeper, different, interesting, strange and ultimately our full selves. It’s just like a painting–take away the contrast (light and shadow) it feels flat and lifeless. Do you look at your Shadow Side? When I do, I write down all the darkness inside my art journal, listening as I write, and then I … Keep Reading…

MoonFaces & the MoonPhases ??

So, I did a thing-I made a class!

It’s called MoonFaces & the MoonPhases and it’s a mixture of art class, life coaching, moon magic, intention setting and fun! It’s going to be LIVE-eek and it’s my first time doing a live class on Zoom-double EEK! I have done in-person workshops many times before, but this is a new medium that I wonder about and wonder if it will truly work. A lot of wondering for sure, but I am confident that this class is something special. I’ll leave the video I made here. 20 secs long, and embarrassingly proud that I made it! 

Check under WORKSHOPS if you want more info on the classes-would love you to join! 



Hi Lovahs, I’ve been hiding. Since October.  I don’t know what happened, but burnout comes to mind.  Being a mom to a wild 5-year old, relationship woes and relationship highs and then woes again. So much education on creating a business that it has all turned into a sort of humming in my head and I can’t make a decision to save my life. Yet. Losing the desire to paint or create anything, and being an artist, I was (am) scared that the desire may never come back. Searching and searching for answers and my purpose ‘out there’ and making decisions and then second guessing all of those decisions, so I make none at all. This was my life up until a week ago.  Then I realized that I was laying fallow. Replenishing, taking in nutrients, learning and letting go of things that didn’t serve anymore. Restocking the pond (as my BF would say). I’m … Keep Reading…