I’m writing a story

I’m writing a story about a girl who dreams of maps. She doesn’t know it yet, but the maps are of real places, and even locations for lost treasure. I’m drawing the pictures first from a simple outline of the plot which is bringing a lot of interesting discoveries to light. It’s like the story is unfolding on the paper as I paint. It’s so fun and a little spooky, which I love! ‘Building a Mystery‘ if you will – thank you Ms. Mclachlan.

A deeper dive into what I mean is when I finished the first illustration of Magdalena I realized I had painted a big skeletal hand which wasn’t part of the outline at all. I just sort of started painting it and thinking that this hand is the ‘delivery system’ of all these maps to Magdalenas’ dreams-make sense? Kind of like the connector between their world to our world. I’m not
entirely sure what this hand is all about to be honest, but I love that it scared me a little

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